Utah 500 Ride

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2019 Adventure Ride June 26-29

The Utah 500 is an invitational ride designed to test skill and wit. This is a multi-day back packing adventure that will explore Utah’s outback connecting dirt roads, single track, and ATV trails navigating a Variety of cross country Terrain and mountain vistas.

This is not a guided tour and riders ride at their own risk. Riders will be organized into small groups each being lead by knowledgeable group leaders. There will be no designated chase vehicles or emergency services. It will be up to each rider/group leader to use their best resources, bail out routes, and community services to complete the ride.

This year we are planning a Rally type event rather than a point to point ride.  Ruby’s Inn at Bryce Canyon will be hosting our ride.  Each day we will have a different route taking riders out and back.  This will allow families and all riding levels to participate.

We anticipate having one group of SXS’s joining us and will provide a different route for their machines.
The Utah 500 welcomes the Edge Powersports as its sponsor. Get to The Edge for Rider discounts on gear and equipment.


Register Here

DATE: June 26-29, 2019

INVITATION: $135 non-refundable registration includes, UTMA membership, dinner for riders meeting, and rider gift bag items. Registration closes June 6th.


  • Kick off 6/26 Riders Meeting – Ruby’s Inn
  • Day One – Day Three we will start and finish at Ruby’s Inn.

Ride Coordinator: Chris Hickman



The Utah Trail Machine Association assumes no responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, or other injury to persons or property in connection with your participation in any ride. Juveniles must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Your presence and participation indicates knowledge of and an assumption of the resulting risks involved. All participants are urged to use proper riding gear, be in satisfactory physical condition, and secure prior to the ride appropriate medical, personal injury, and property damage insurance coverage.


Suggested UTAH 500 Checklist

Revised 8 April 2016

__Essential - Boots, Gloves, Goggles, Helmet, Riding Jacket, Jersey, Knee pads, Pants, Socks
__Supportive - Armor, Bandana, Compression Shorts, Ear Plugs, Elbow pads, Kidney Belt, Layers of Warmth, Rain gear

__Anti-Theft - Light Cable lock
__Bike Packing and Hydration - Back Pack, Cross-Country Tool Pack, Hydration System /or/ Water Bottles
__Communication - Cell phone, OHV Radios, Satellite phone, Spot Satellite GPS Messenger Walkie-talkies (between vehicles)
__Dead Bike - Tow strap
__First Aid Kit - Band aids, Elastic wrap, Ointments, Medication, Super glue
__Food Items - Energy bars, Jerky, Snacks
__Orienteering - Compass, GPS, Itinerary, Maps, Surveyor’s Tape
__Stowing Items on Bike - Front Fender Tube Pack, Rear Fender Tool Pack, Saddlebag
__Survival Gear - Emergency food, Fire-starting equipment, LED Flashlight, Pocket knife, Poncho or Space Blanket, Small folding saw, Signal Mirror, Whistle
__Transport - Bungees, Cable locks, Jack, Lug wrench, Safety rope, Tie downs, Trailer

__Air Filter - Spare pre-oiled filter, Filter Skin
__Carburetor & Jetting - Cir-clip, Jets, Spare needle, 17mm Wrench
__Drive/Chain - Chain lube, Chain-breaker, Master link, Spare links
__ Flat Repair - Air gauge, Front & rear tubes, Patch kit, Small air pump & CO2 inflator kit, Tire irons, Soap, Valve stem remover
__ Motor and Fuel - Oil; Siphoning hose, fuel transfer container
__Tool Pack - Allen wrench, Crescent wrench, Duct tape, Epoxy Putty, Hose clamps, Levers, Multi-Head screwdriver, Multi-T handle, Multi-tool or Pliers w/wire cutter, Nitro Tape, Punch, Radiator weld, Safety wire, Selected Tools, Shop towel, Sockets & driver, Spare Nuts & Bolts, Spare Parts, Spark plug & wrench, Spoke wrench, Vise Grips, Zip-ties

__Clothing (Overnight) - Ball cap, Hoodie, Light footwear, Pants, Socks, T-shirt, Underwear, Vest
__Miscellaneous - Alarm clock, LED flashlight, Pen & paper, Reading glasses, Sun glasses
__Per Diem - Wallet & some bucks (hotel, food, gas etc.)
__Photography - Camera, spare battery, charger; Helmet Cam
__Soiled Clothes Bag - Laundry soap or Shampoo
__Toiletries Bag - Personal medication, Shampoo, Talcum - Powder, Toiletries, Trail TP

__Registration (proof of current machine registration). Be prepared for some pavement riding
__Route Plans Determined by ride leaders, alternates (options, bailouts determined by you and your riding group
__Discount Hotel Reservations made by UTMA, paid by riders. Room sharing encouraged (cheaper). Some negotiated restaurant options.
__St. George and Return Transportation - Transportation back from St. George is not provided. Ride sharing is encouraged.

__Own health insurance and emergency coverage

__Dinner provided. Finalized rider group meetings, packets and planning; Overnight bike and limited people parking at Paul’s place

Bad attitude–no snivelers, Badly maintained ride, No riding skills