2013 San Rafael Swell Info

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North/South San Rafael Swell Ride

CANCELLED     September 20-21, 2013

Will shoot for April 2014!!

Who: UTMADSC00041
When: September 20 (Friday) and Main Ride September 21 (Saturday)
Where: Utah, Interstate 70 off exit #131 or via Price from Hwy 10.
OHV Type: Motorcycle Only – Intermediate or Intermediate+ Skill Level

The number of participants will be limited. Preference will be given to current members of UTMA and other Utah Ride organizations, and riders traveling from out of state or country. Please contact one of the ride leaders to reserve your spot.                                                                                                        

Ride Information Friday: – Intermediate++ Skill Level: Temple Mountain area with selected riding routes within the Colored Trail System. A long day with up to 102 miles of combined trails and roads possible. Though the actual departure time will be flexible, please be staged and ready to ride as early as 9:00 am Friday. Pack water, lunch and snacks. There are zero services in this area “period”. If departing from base camp, you must know if your bike can travel 102 miles in a single loop. Those departing from base camp will arrive at the alternate exit #131 location and meet those riders camped at that location.

Ride Information Saturday:
Specific Area; Utah USGS map reference “The Blocks”, attached map shows this ride in BLUE. This ride will consist of a 63 mile loop. This ride may take 5 to 6 hours. Those camped at exit # 131 must arrive at base camp by 9:00 AM. Please pack lunch, water and ALL fuel necessary, as there are no available services. The ride will leave base camp (see attached map) at 9:30 am SHARP! (9:00 am mandatory pre-ride meeting). We will travel up through Horseshoe Bend into Reid Nelson Draw (in the Head of Sinbad country) and cross under I-70 and head towards Swazey’s Cabin. From this 100+ year old frontier cabin we will descend into Eagle Canyon and pass under the I-70 freeway spans which are 300 feet above the canyon floor. We will then travel into Secret Mesa and head north descending into the South Fork of Coal Wash. From the South/North Fork Coal Wash junction kiosk we will head south into the North Fork of Coal Wash. About one mile before the Devils Race Track cutoff we will break for a late lunch underneath several 100+ year old cottonwood trees. About 1 mile from lunch we will take the Devils Race Track cutoff. Once through the Race Track we will descend back into Cane Wash through Reid Nelson Draw, visit some pictographs and head back to camp.

Sunday: If time allows, a trail maintenance routine may be scheduled – any help would be appreciated.


Directions to Base Camp:
From Interstate 70 get off exit #131 and head north approximately 13.25 miles on Buckhorn Wash Road. (NOTE: Buckhorn Wash road can also be accessed from the north via Price on Hwy 10). If extreme weather/flash flooding is in progress during Friday look for alternate UTMA sign about .6 tenths of a mile from Exit #131 (ride will base from here if necessary). Otherwise, continue north and look for “UTMA SF RIDE” sign and turn onto the Cane Wash Cut Off road heading south west for approximately 5.5 miles. This section of road is not maintained. (The map below shows this section from I-70 to camp in RED). (Note: if you enter from the north, the Cane Wash Cut Off road is approximately 6 miles south of the BLM Buckhorn Wash campground.)

Camping: This is primitive camping and everyone must take out what they bring in. Bring all food, water, shelter, fuel and equipment needed for the stay. This camping area is an extremely pristine and fragile area, please use a “leave no trace etiquette while camping.

Important Area and Ride Information:

This ride area remains currently assigned as “CONDITIONAL USE ONLY”; meaning subject to CLOSURE if strict adherence to riding ON THE TRAIL is not maintained. IN WIDE WASHES, STAY AND RIDE ON EXISTING TRACKS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WASH AREAS. PLEASE STAY OFF WASH EDGES AND BERMS, AVOID VEGETATION & TREAD LIGHTY !!!
This area is perhaps one of Utah’s most scenic riding areas. Please attend ONLY if you are willing and able to comply with the conditional use requirements for this area.

If you are an adult responsible for minors in your travailing party, it is extremely important to educate and emphasize the “Tread Lightly” requirements for this ride.

UTMA riding etiquette rules apply; rider leader, middle leader and designated sweep rider will coordinate directions and answer questions. Stop and wait if necessary before proceeding if you are unsure of your direction.

Ride Coordinators:
Scott Jacobson sjacobso@novell.com
Bradley Zane

Considerations for this ride:
- All motorcycles participating in this ride must be well maintained. Unreliable motorcycles spoil the trip for others that come prepared. Right or wrong, we reserve the right to insist that bikes in disrepair do not participate.
- Knobby off road tires are a must. Dual-sport tires are next to useless on this terrain.
- If you arrive as group, be prepared to assume the responsibility for those in your group. This is not the place or the ride to tell a beginner or a novice that they can do it.

All riders should have proper safety gear. Be aware:
1. There are no doctors or hospitals in the general area.
2. Don’t assume anyone, including the ride leaders, have any medical or first aid training. In the event of injury there is no guarantee of immediate rescue or medical attention. The rider leaders do not carry first aid equipment. Cell phones will not work in most of the area.
3. If you chose to ride, you ride at you own risk. Your ride leaders are only riders like yourself, do not expect to them to have special training or skills.

Statement of Limited Liability:
The Utah Trail Machine Association and Ride Coordinators assumes no responsibility nor liability for any loss, damage, or other injury to persons or property in connection with your participation in any ride. Juveniles must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Your presence and participation indicates a knowledge of and an assumption of the resulting risks involved.


Utah Trail Machine Association
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