Greetings from the Utah Trail Machine Association

We are a group of fellow motorsports enthusiasts who enjoy riding and protecting our trails.

Our mission is: Conservation, Courtesy and Safety.

Conservation – We love the rocky deserts of the West. The clean open vistas are what make the ride enjoyable. We never want our deserts to be destroyed or disgraced. We encourage all riders to leave a minimal impact on the land. Litter, unmanaged fires, and tree destruction should be avoided. From time to time, we will schedule work projects to reclaim wilderness that has been poorly treated. We invite you to join the UTMA and help protect our amazing trails.

Courtesy – Common courtesies while riding include:

  • Using caution when around camps and people
  • Allow others their space and go around when possible
  • Avoid riding near camps during sleep hours
  • Stop and assist people in trouble
  • Honor the laws and think of those who will come later

Safety – Motorsports are dangerous, not only to the riders, but also to others nearby. Nearly all accidents can be avoided by following common-sense rules of safety. Wear the right gear. Be alert and sober when driving. Follow traffic laws. Watch for hazards and help others to avoid them. Move accidents out off the trail whenever you can. It may sound fun to ride in a helicopter, but LifeFlight is not the way to go.



Links that are important for our riding areas.

    What can we say?  Join and donate to these organizations if you want to keep riding on public land.

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Trips – Guided or not you’ll find information on places to ride.