Side by Side Baja Report

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Fire Cuts Ride Short


Here are the pix I have from the fire.  I wish we could have gotten more close ups, but is was so hot we couldn’t even get close to it. Steve attempted to put it out but it was no use.   – Jason Ream

Well, we were treated in San Filipe that afternoon. Got home by Tues and into the hospital by 3PM. Our burns are all 2nd degree. Home treatment is changing the dressings twice a day. I’ve been back to the ER 2 more times for swelling and some infections. Jerry and I go to a Plastic Surgeon this Tues to check out our condition. Takes an hour do to each dressing change. It’s turning out that the Razor800s is prone to catching on fire. The Ford Pinto of the UTV world. Any pics you or some of the others in our group could send me would be greatly appreciated. I’m gathering info on the Polaris Rzr 800 fire recalls and problem site. Our problem was 2 fold. #1 – the fact that it burst into flame so fast and #2 – the Simpson seat belts were NOT user friendly.

I’m still gathering my wits. You have to realize that when you’re on fire, you’re not thinking too clearly. We both could get the main seat belt undone, but not the secondary chest clip. I believe it disappeared on or about Thursday. I had 2 sets of friends see it Thursday but not Friday. They did not take pics as they didn’t realize they knew the owner. I hope you all had a better trip than we did. We had no problem getting back across the border without any I.D.San Filipe Hospital would not take any money for their efforts. When you see people looking for donations at traffic intersections, this is where some of it goes. Let me know if there are some pictures available. Had a mostly great one day ride :>)
- Don Simone