The UTMA is an organization that fosters friendships among individuals who enjoy the same interests, allows for recreational activities for the entire family, and protects riding areas belonging to the public. We also sponsor many rides each year. This gives riders a chance to meet new people and experience new riding areas. Come and join the fun.


In the January 1985 issue of Dirt Rider Magazine there appeared a letter to the editor entitled, Lets Save San Rafael! The author of that letter was Dick Brass of Huntington, Utah. Paul Edmunds, who was living in Logan, Utah at the time, corresponded with Dick on the assumption of forming the Intermountain Trail Rider Association to promote dirt bike riding. Dick responded that he had met Ron Stokes of American Fork, Utah, who “…is determined to start a Utah Trail Machine Association modeled on the one in Idaho.: He further stated, “The man seems to have the time and opportunity to visit lots of people that need to be visited.” He concluded his correspondence, “I’ve put down what I think the purpose and objectives of the organization should be and sent them to Ron.”

The first meeting of the Utah Trail Machine Association (UTMA) was set up between Ron Stokes, Paul Edmunds, and Dick Brass on the 29th of August, 1986 in American Fork. Paul was appointed as president with Ron and Dick serving as officers of UTMA.

While Paul acted as president and Dick gave generously to the treasury, Ron went about contacting dozens of individuals and attending various meetings to make the UTMA become a reality. His efforts paid off as the membership grew and UTMA became recognized as a viable organization representing those who enjoy the sport.

Ron spent time, Dick spent money while Paul presided.

Utah Trail Machine Association
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