To ride with UTMA, please contact the ride coordinator.

For 2016, the UTMA is planning the following list of group ride events.  We invite you to Join the UTMA and contact us for more information.


2016 UTMA Ride Schedule
Date Event Coordinator
MAR 12-18, 2016 Baja Norte San Felipe Paul Edmunds
TBD October 2016 Moab Single Track Mike Healy
JUN 23-25, 2016 Utah 500 Chris Hickman
JULY 9, 2016 Cache Valley Ride Wes Thompson
 SEPT 22-24, 2016 Grand Canyon Arizona Strip Paul Edmunds
OCT 21-30, 2016 Baja Sur-Copper Canyon Paul Edmunds
DEC 1, 2016 Annual Xmas Party – The Edge The Board