2016 UTMA Cache Valley Ride

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Saturday 9 July 2015

9:15: am Riders Meeting — Ride Starts 9:30 am

This UTMA Ride is for Motorcycles Only. Planning one rides this year.

The traditional / Intermediate-Expert Skill Level loop with some single track

This is a motorcycle only ride (some of the trails we’ll be riding are closed to ATVs) for riders with intermediate or better skill level. Some nice single track. Do not forget your riding boots!

**** IMPORTANT ****

Please call or email Wes Thompson by July 5, 2015 if you plan to
attend. I’ll also need to know who’s planning on riding so that if current conditions (example: heavy rain has made trails too muddy to ride without causing excessive impact, excessive crashing like 2013, or closure because of fires) lead to cancellation or relocation of the ride, I can contact everyone about the changes.

Wes Thompson

From Salt Lake, Utah Valley, and other parts south, travel north on I15 to Exit 364, US89-91 to Logan.
Continue on US89-91 to Logan, about 25 miles from Exit 364.
In Logan turn east (right) at 400 North, this is US89.

Continue on US89 up Logan Canyon about 27 miles, and turn north (left) at the sign for Beaver Mountain.

Continue about 1 mile to Beaver Creek Trailhead Parking just before the Beaver Creek, Meet at Trail Head Parking lot.

Expert/long loop About 68 miles.

Long loop:
Sink Hollow, Highline trail, Egan Basin, Snowslide, Davis with rock stepup, Midline, Bloomington, Paris peak, Ice cave, Highline back to top of Snowslide and back to camp via Highline, Beaver creek, or just down the road. We can shorten if needed depending on the weather or how everyone is doing. Definitely some 1st and 2nd gear technical stuff on this ride. Not really any big hill climbs.

We are planning on the long loop, with maybe two groups, depending on the numbers and if we have another ride leader. In 2103 it was just three of us. The long loop will be about 80 miles, if your bike can’t go that far on a tank of fuel, it’s your responsibility to carry additional fuel to get that far.

Lots of rocks so trials tires rule, just don’t go too soft. I like about 16-18 psi in my knobby for this ride, cannot convince myself to go lower than about 11 psi in my trials tire.

Bring plenty of water. I’d recommend a backpack drink system with a 100 ounce bladder (add ice cubes to have cool water). Also, drink plenty of water before starting the ride.

We can get more water at campgrounds in St. Charles Canyon, but this is only about 17 miles into the ride. There are some dirt road bail outs to get back to camp and bypassing the single track/ATV routes.

Groups usually take a lunch stop a little over half way through the ride, bring your own lunch, energy bar, or whatever. Some trail sections of this ride are popular with non-motorized users. Always assume there could be a hiker, horseman, or mountain biker around each blind corner. Be courteous when approaching non-motorized users and yield right-of-way.

Stay on the trails. And if you park or stop off-trail, roll — don’t roost up to speed when
returning to the trail. Please keep the narrow singletrack trails narrow.

Please prepare and check your bike before the morning of the ride. For jetting, elevation will range from about 6500 to 9000 feet above sea level. Carry tools and spares for your own bike.

I’ll have a detailed route map at the riders meeting.

For those who would like to drive on Friday (or earlier) and camp, there are some designated dispersed campsites along the Beaver Creek Road, but not many.
Beaver Mountain Resort is very close to the ride starting point, and has 21 RV sites with
hookups along the paved parking lot and some tent sites. Beaver Creek Lodge may have some rooms available and is a nice place to stay.

Logan is about 27 miles from the Beaver Mountain Ski Resort turnoff, and has many lodging options. The Bear Lake Motor Lodge in Garden City is about 15 miles from the Beaver Mountain Ski Resort turnoff.

The old dispersed camping on the west side of the Beaver Creek Road before the Sink Hollow Road intersection, and along the Sink Hollow Road, has been closed since late 2006. If you get to Logan before 4:30pm, you can stop by the Logan Ranger District Offices, which are on the south side of US89, about half a mile before entering Logan Canyon, and pickup a Logan and Ogden Ranger District Travel Map (free – if they have any- been pretty sparse lately) and/or a Caribou National Forest Montpelier Ranger
Motorized Vehicle Use Map (free) and also get updates on camping, fire restrictions, etc. If you’re passing through Logan later, or don’t want to stop, please call the Logan Ranger District Offices at to get current camping and fire restriction information for the Beaver Creek area.

Most of this ride is in Idaho, which has a 96dB noise limit for OHVs. It’s your responsibility to make sure your bike meets this requirement.

All OHVs MUST have spark arrestor.
An Idaho OHV Sticker is not required for out-of-state OHVs unless you plan to ride in Idaho more than 30 days (the rules are different for snowmobiles). You do need current registration from your home state though. The first and last miles (or so) of this ride are in Utah, so you’ll also need a current Utah sticker, or sticker from a state with an OHV sticker reciprocal agreement with Utah.

Most of this ride will be on the Montpelier Ranger District of the Caribou-Targhee National Forest, with the starting point, and first and last few miles, on the Logan Ranger District of the Wasatch-Cache National Forest. The Logan Ranger District Travel Maps and Montpelier Ranger District Motor Vehicle Use Map is available from:
Caribou-Targhee Supervisors Office, (for Caribou maps)
Montpelier Ranger District Office (for Caribou maps)
Logan Ranger District Office (for both Logan Ranger District and
Caribou maps)[maybe].

Sorry I do not have all the trail numbers for you. I think my map got wet in the bag and has not yet been replaced.